Interview with Bernadette Schramm


Director of Watersprite Film Festival 2016, Bernadette Schramm, on her work with Refugee Voices In Film at the 69th Cannes Film Festival

Watersprite: Emotions


Copulating dogs, explicit sex talk and full-frontal puppet nudity: Stephen Watson reviews the “Emotions” strand of shorts at Watersprite 2016.

Watersprite: Self-Questioning


Garry Pope reviews “Self-Questioning”, a set of short films from three frighteningly talented directors, at the 2016 Watersprite Festival.

Working in the Danger Zone


This year at Watersprite saw some amazing investigative journalists and filmmakers talk about their experiences out in the field.

Getting Started In Directing: Top Ten Tips


“Studying film opens your eyes to things you wouldn’t otherwise see. Keep creating – that’s your film school.” Wise words from Watersprite’s GETTING STARTED IN DIRECTING.

Still “Male, pale and stale?”

diversity feature

Hannah Clarkson surveys Watersprite talk “Male, Pale and Stale?” with Jessica Raine, Krishnendu Majumdar and Danny Lee Wynter.

Watersprite Dusk Screenings


Animation and revelation: prominent themes across Watersprite 2015, but particularly so for “Dusk Screenings: Weaving New Threads”.

Watersprite Afternoon Screenings


Watersprite’s Sunday afternoon “Wild Things” screenings bring together the weirdest and most wonderful from Germany, New Zealand and Spain.

In Conversation with Jim Broadbent


Alison Hicks shares the highlights of Jim Broadbent’s closing talk at the excellent Watersprite Film Festival.

Watersprite Script Lab


As part of this year’s Watersprite, two students were given the opportunity to present short film scripts to industry specialist Jamie Wolpert, Development Executive at BFI.

Weathering Love


Janis Klimanovs’ short documentary is an exploration of the nature and endurance of love.

Four Weddings And Fat Thighs


Drawing upon his experience of making megahits, Richard Curtis offered sound advice for the young filmmakers at Watersprite.

Born Positive


Always understated, BORN POSITIVE is a carefully sensitive portrayal of the resilience of these young people and their discovery of a sense of self in the face of adversity.

Watersprite Screenings


Shipwrecks, prohibition and speculative fiction… Alison Hicks looks at some of the shorts screening at Watersprite over the weekend.

Cowboys and Indians


“A powerful vision of solace and mourning in its most lonely form…” Patrick Fowler reviews COWBOY UND INDIANER, screening at the Watersprite festival this weekend.