Interview with Daisy Aitkens


We spoke to filmmaker Daisy Aitkens about her CFF Short Fusion contribution 96 WAYS TO SAY I LOVE YOU.

5 Broken Cameras: Guy Davidi Interview

5 Broken Cameras: Guy Davidi Interview | TakeOneCFF.com

5 BROKEN CAMERAS is an extremely powerful documentary charting life in the village of Bil’in on the West Bank. Toby Miller got the opportunity to speak to co-director Guy Davidi for an in-depth interview on the making of the film.



Generational and class divisions are the terrain upon which Zvyangintsev constructs his vision of ‘the cruel laws of reality’.


Untouchable | TakeOneCFF.com

Despite the warmth generated by the leads, UNTOUCHABLE is an asinine and cloying film full of cliches and irritating stereotypes, writes Jim Ross.

Different Strokes: Illustrious Corpses


Hannah Clarkson and Steve Williams offer opposing views on Rosi’s ILLUSTRIOUS CORPSES. Is the truth always revolutionary? There’s only one way to find out! Read on, and then let us know what you think.

Mat Whitecross Interview

Mat Whitecross Interview | TakeOneCFF.com | Photo by Tom Catchesides

Jim Ross speaks to Mat Whitecross, director of SEX & DRUGS & ROCK & ROLL, about his new film ASHES – the difficulties of making of the film, the performances of the cast, and Whitecross’ career to date.



A rare screening of Curt McDowell’s THUNDERCRACK! was one of the unsung highlights of CFF2012. Melodramatic, naturally sexy and wonderfully absurd, this B-movie pastiche is Rocky Horror in extremis, writes Rosy Hunt.


Ashes | TakeOneCFF.com

Although it takes a while to find its feet, Mat Whitecross’ ASHES is a twisting and illusionary drama that executes a strong vision engagingly well, writes Jim Ross

Liberal Arts


LIBERAL ARTS is a gentle mix of romance, drama and comedy resistant to the formulaic mess it could so easily have collapsed into, writes Jim Ross at the Cambridge Film Festival.



LOOPER is an intelligent neo-noir science fiction, with some striking images and more emotional resonance than the likes of INCEPTION. Jim Ross reviews the CFF2012 Surprise Film.

Christophe Wagner Interview

Christophe Wagner Interview | TakeOneCFF.com

Director Christophe Wagner was at the Cambridge Film Festival to show his new film, DOUDEGE WÉNKEL (BLIND SPOT) – Jim Ross spoke to him about the film and the film industry in Luxembourg, his native country.

ShortFusion: To Celebrate

ShortFusion: To Celebrate | TakeOneCFF.com

Jim Ross reviews the short films playing in the strand TO CELEBRATE – CALLUM, THE WAY THE LAMP SWINGS, BLACK DUST, DYLAN’S ROOM, DAYS OF AWE and LINE 102.

The Lacey Rituals


Anthony Davis reviews this showcase of Bruce Lacey’s work, curated and introduced by William Fowler. An interview with William Fowler will follow soon.


Sean Connery (Mark Rutland)

The gripping psychological thriller MARNIE is most likely one of Hitchcock’s lesser appreciated films, as it misses most of the visual horror and obvious suspense of THE BIRDS or VERTIGO. Maria Sell reviews.

The Doors: Live at the Bowl ’68


Arranged and funded by The Doors, and shot on just five cameras, THE DOORS: LIVE AT THE BOWL ’68 is the only full live recording of the concert. Liam Jack reviews the CFF screening.