Big Boys Gone Bananas!

What we said: “By taking us through the relentless campaign by Dole to silence the film and the legal hurdles Gertten and his team faced, the film outlines the huge challenge faced by journalists who wish to take multinationals to task. If the purpose of documentary is to inform and educate, you won’t be left in much doubt of the challenges faced by investigative journalism worldwide after observing Gertten’s struggles.” – Jim Ross

Read our interview with director Fredrik Gertten: “…we’re in a time where traditional media is losing money, journalists losing their jobs. There’s a major shift in society right now, it’s a global shift. And I think it’s something that we all have to be worried about. Because the powerful need independent media to check up on them – and the smart powerful people understand that this is a job that we need in society. Some powerful people think they can control the media.”


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