Aquarius +Q&A


Mendonça has brought such warmth, humour and sensitivity to this piece, and AQUARIUS deserves to be seen by as many as possible, writes Ben Jones.

Sex, Pity and Loneliness


A LA RONDE-style depiction of modern German life, with all three elements of its title well represented.



Four sex workers and two gangsters walk into a gas station… Sounds like a setup for a Quentin Tarantino film? WELL certainly has its share of humour and cartoonish violence, writes Noel Megahey

Resistance Is Life


Meet the mighty Evlin, an 8 year old refugee on the Turkish-Syrian border. Yozzie Osman reviews the “astonishing, rousing” film RESISTANCE IS LIFE



CROWHURST is a true story of British derring-do which goes severely wrong. It represents the flip-side of the British Empire — a tale of adventure and exploration that was never taught in schools.

Baby Driver

Baby Driver | TAKE ONE

With its central story of loss, family and idealistic romance, BABY DRIVER functions as perfect five-star, popcorn entertainment. This is the Hollywood movie perfected, writes Peter Thompson.

Sueño en Otro Idioma

Sueño en Otro Idioma | TAKE ONE

SUEÑO EN OTRO IDIOMA, driven by excellent visual and acting work, delivers on most of the themes in a beautiful and heartbreaking script. Jim Ross reviews at Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Glory (Slava)

Glory (Slava) | TAKE ONE

GLORY (SLAVA) is an effective drama, using its characters to draw us into a bleak film infused with satire and dark humour. Jim Ross reviews from Edinburgh International Film Festival


Raw (2017) | TAKE ONE

RAW is an intense and undefinable blend of skilled shotmaking, ramping discomfort and disturbing juxtapositions that mixes carnivores with the carnal to enormous effect. Jim Ross reviews.

Eimi Imanishi Interview


Day Moibi talks with filmmaker Eimi Imanishi about her directorial debut, BATTALION TO MY BEAT, which won the award for Best Short Film at the Cambridge African Film Festival 2016.

Train to Busan


Another fine addition to the recent wave of excellent genre films exported by South Korea, writes Harry Jones.

Perivi Katjavivi interview

The Unseen Q&A - 21st October 2016

Day Moibi talking to filmmaker Perivi Katjavivi about the politics of African cinema. His film THE UNSEEN had its European premiere earlier in the week in CFF.

Little Men


Ira Sachs eschews melodrama in favour of a beautifully underplayed sense of life taking its complicated course in LITTLE MEN.

The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys |

THE NICE GUYS doesn’t break any moulds and is obviously a Shane Black creation – but that is precisely why it’s good. Jim Ross reviews.



RAMS is a poignant and witty shaggy sheep story about humanity, from the land of ice and fire, writes Amanda Randall.