Meet Mohammad Ali Talebi


If you enjoyed A STORY OF CHILDREN AND FILM please take the chance to meet one of the greatest icons of Iranian cinema!

Under The Skin

Under The Skin |

UNDER THE SKIN is a curious, disquieting and perplexingly superb piece of guerilla surrealism, writes Jim Ross.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel |

THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL is a delightful chocolate box of a film, with Wes Anderson beginning to show his artistic soul, writes Jim Ross

Nordic Giants at the Ruby Lounge

nordic giants 3

The Nordic Giants continue to bring their euphoric post-rock cinema experience to unusual locations across the UK; Jack Stocker reports back from Manchester’s Ruby Lounge.


Her |

Laced with humanity and softly tragic humour, Spike Jonze’s HER is an emotionally packed film that will tease out pensive moments, writes Jim Ross

Inside Llewyn Davis

Inside Llewyn Davis |

The Coen brothers revisit some well-trodden themes in beautifully fascinating fashion, writes Jim Moore.

12 Years a Slave


Steve McQueen’s third feature film is a graphic, mordant adaptation of Solomon Northup’s memoir of slavery, writes Ann Linden.



Brownlow’s beautiful and brilliant restoration of Gance’s NAPOLEON (1927) is an eye-popping spectacle, writes Amanda Randall.

The Epic Of Everest


It’s unsettling to watch a documentary about a group of extraordinary men, two of whom were walking toward their deaths, writes Amanda Randall.



FILTH is a superbly lurid and comedically pitch black spiral down into a man’s mental hell, with James McAvoy on perhaps his best form to date, writes Jim Ross

In A World…


Lake Bell’s witty directorial debut takes aim at industry sexism without being seminar-like about it, writes Jim Ross.

Rock the Casbah


ROCK THE CASBAH takes us through a number of tropes familiar to the modern war drama, but does so with skill and empathy, writes Jim Moore.



We spoke to Jonny Phillips, whose film is one of the shortest and most powerful screened at this year’s Cambridge Film Festival.



Since its 1922 release, NOSFERATU has been subject to as much mythology and folklore as the original vampire legend itself.

The Crash Reel


THE CRASH REEL is an intense, blistering ride through the world of snowboarder Kevin Pearce, writes Jack McCurdy.