Auf Einmal


An unexpected death after a party leads to a host of recriminations and betrayals in this dark German drama.

Bodkin Ras


Those who believe ours is more than a black and white world, and likewise in film genre, should watch this melted fiction and documentary with interest.



CHOCOLAT charts the flamboyant rise and fall of France’s first famous black clown.

Short Fusion: Glass Ceiling


GLASS CEILING is a vibrant programme of shorts featuring friendship, the office grind, moments in teenage life and the journey to adulthood.



The reflective DAUGHTER will resonate with audiences for its unembellished, sincere examination of a family’s inner conflict.

Train to Busan


Another fine addition to the recent wave of excellent genre films exported by South Korea, writes Harry Jones.

El Sur


EL SUR is literally a film of unfinished business, yet perfectly realized in its study of the mysteries of family life

Letters From Baghdad


Mark Liversidge takes a look at the documentary which looks at the life of unsung political figure Gertrude Bell.

I, Daniel Blake


Daniel is the part Dave Johns was born to play, writes Edd Elliott.

Re: A Pier

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Re: A Pier looks at the past, present and future of Hastings Pier, from Jimi Hendrix to The Sex Pistols, writes Mark Liversidge.

The Wheel


We spoke to the makers of THE WHEEL about feminism from stone age to modern day!



Together they contemplate the larger significance of the long-delayed homecoming. BROTHERS is a film for those who enjoy quiet, slow cinema.

A Brilliant Genocide

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A BRILLIANT GENOCIDE is a powerful and unusual film, writes Emma Wilkinson.

Alfredo Bini: Unexpected Guest


Required viewing for anyone interested in the history of Italian cinema in the 1960s, ALFREDO BINI also humanises one of its key figures.

Next Generation Short Tiger 2016


These tremendous short films showcase the quality of new talent coming out of Germany, writes Garry Pope.