JOY is a tale about how difficult it has always been for women to be taken seriously and to thrive in a man’s world, says Federica Roberti.


room feautre

Take a trip inside ROOM with Hannah Clarkson’s review.

Japan Foundation 2016 #2


The Japan Foundation’s 2016 Touring Programme presents a diverse selection of contemporary and classic Japanese cinema.


Creed | | TAKE ONE

Although not a total knockout, the talent of Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan shines through in ROCKY spin-off CREED. Jim Ross reviews.

The Danish Girl


Transgender meets the silver screen: TAKE ONE writer Xanthe Gilmore reviews Tom Hooper’s controversial latest release, THE DANISH GIRL

Contempt (Le Mépris)

le mepris

“Not just sex, but more. More!” Take One writer Xanthe Gilmore explains why Godard’s 1963 classic ‘Contempt’ (‘Le Mepris’) is well worth a watch

Bridge Of Spies

Bridge Of Spies |

It’s easy to see why Steven Spielberg jumped at the chance to film Matt Sharman’s script based on this true Cold War story – Andrew Nickolds reviews.

UK Film Festival – Closing Night

Uk Film Fest

Edd Elliott surveys the films of the closing night of this year’s UK Film Festival.


carol feature

Andrew Nickolds isn’t head over heels for Todd Haynes’ romance CAROL.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs feature

Andrew Nickolds reviews Danny Boyle’s take on STEVE JOBS.

Song of the Sea


SONG OF THE SEA is a fun and beautiful Irish indie animation from Tomm Moore and Cartoon Saloon, soon to be released on Blu-Ray, VOD and DVD.



WARRIORS is part DODGEBALL-type underdog story, part travelogue and part polemic – Andrew Nickolds explains it all.



SPECTRE is as entertaining as Bond would be, but relies on older films and wants to have its cake and eat it too. Jim Ross reviews.

The Wait


Presented at the London Film Festival in the “First Feature Film” category, THE WAIT is a delicate tale about a mother’s grief after losing her only son.

A Window In London – BFI Retrospective

a window in london cover

Edd Elliott reviews A Window In London, part of the BFI’s London on Film series.