Intimate Grammar


INTIMATE GRAMMAR is a wonderful portrait of adolescence in extremis; of how a sensitive soul is stifled in an increasingly virile world.

If not us, who? (Wer wenn nicht wir)


Max Zeh looks at the story of the raising communistic extremism of Gudrun Enssslin (Lena Lauzemis), long before she founded the RAF (Rote Armee Fraktion) together with Andread Baader (Alexander Fehling).

Henry Morris


“Henry Morris” is a documentary made by young filmmakers from Sawston about the eponymous father of the Cambridgeshire village college movement in the 1930s.

Guilty of Romance


The third film in Sono’s genre-bending ‘Hate Trilogy’ (after 2009’s LOVE EXPOSURE and 2010’s COLD FISH), GUILTY OF ROMANCE is equal parts gruesome police procedural, eccentric black comedy and erotically charged melodrama with flashes of psychological horror and frequent episodes of soft porn.

Midnight In Paris


John Cunningham looks at Woody Allen’s latest foray into European culture.

Nanook of the North


Franklin P Laviola looks at Robert Flaherty’s NANOOK OF THE NORTH, considered by most film historians to be the medium’s first ever feature-length documentary.

Mysteries of Lisbon


Ruiz crafts a twisting tale of romance, honour and deceit in 272 minutes that contains so much melodrama it feels more related to opera than film.

My Long Distance Friend


In Carina Molier’s utterly enchanting documentary, we follow part of a very disjointed and unsettling journey – that of OG, a young woman from Zimbabwe, and the eponymous long-distance friend of the director.

Mumbai Charlie


An ode to Chaplin. Deepak Verma’s comedic, feel-good short film is set in the aftermath of the 2001 earthquake, and the Charlie Chaplin cult that ensued with the intention to bring back laughter.

Mann V Ford


It’s Erin Brockovich, the TV-documentary version.

Sympathy for Mr Vengeance


To most, director Park Chan-Wook is best known for OLDBOY; yet his earlier picture SYMPATHY FOR MR VENGEANCE has plenty to say on the nature of retribution.

Mademoiselle Chambon


Naomi Barnwell reviews Stéphane Brizé’s absorbingly moving film.

Short Fusion: Love Lost And Found


Jamie Brittain reviews two films from the LOVE LOST AND FOUND series at CFF2011.

Forest Screening: Robin Hood


Hugh Paterson attended the screening of Allan Dwan’s ROBIN HOOD in Rendlesham Forest.



Daniel Fawcett’s DIRT is a heartfelt look at a young person’s difficulty fitting in with the adult world and a wish to recapture that childhood feeling of being ‘free’. Jim Ross reviews.