Uncertain Glory


UNCERTAIN GLORY boasts a wonderfully realised setting, gorgeous photography and well-drawn, well-played characters.



“You put the right woman in the right clothes, she becomes transcendental.” Jess Tickle reviews FASHIONISTA at the Cambridge Film Festival.

Student Review: Tonight She Comes

Tonight She Comes Feat

TONIGHT SHE COMES manages to surprise you right up until the last minute of its blood drenched glory, writes Jess Tickle.

The New Fire

The New Fire Feat

With such thought-provoking content at its helm, THE NEW FIRE is a documentary certain to inspire debate, writes Yosra Osman.

The Desert Bride


THE DESERT BRIDE is a refreshing look at a character and demographic often marginalised in film, writes Gabriel Farrell.

A Fantastic Woman


Sebastian Leilo takes his titular fantastic woman and puts her through what is decidedly not a fantastic time.

Student Review: Wilderness


‘Love is messy’, as the director of the film Justin Doherty puts it. Student writer Juanita Samson reviews WILDERNESS.

Student Review: Resistance Is life


RESISTANCE IS LIFE is an eye-opening documentation of the resilience of the Kurdish people, writes Megan Cassells.

Mildred Pierce


In one of Joan Crawford’s most celebrated films, a successful restaurateur endures an ungrateful daughter and feckless husband.

The Florida Project


Much like its characters and setting, there is much more to THE FLORIDA PROJECT than first meets the eye, writes Ben Jones.

It’s Not Yet Dark

Its Not Yet Dark Feat

IT’S NOT YET DARK is an illuminating documentary from the darkness of Motor Neurone Disease, writes student writer Elle Haywood.

The Breadwinner


Set in Taliban-occupied Afghanistan, THE BREADWINNER is the latest from the studio behind SONG OF THE SEA.

VR at CFF: Wonderful You


The Cambridge Film Festival this year is hosting its first ever virtual reality screenings. Megan Cassells pops a headset on and reviews WONDERFUL YOU.

Student Review: A Taste Of Ink

A Taste of Ink Feat

A TASTE OF INK is a raw and intense familial drama that will leave you gripping the edge of your seat whilst tugging at your heartstrings.

Student Review: Rokkur/Rift


RIFT is an intense horror thriller which never falls into any of the cliché cracks, writes student reviewer Elle Haywood.