The Harder They Come


The 2006 remastered version of THE HARDER THEY COME is an inspired fusion of exploitation film, neorealist drama and musical, writes Jim Moore.

Take One On Air 8/9/15

chambermaid lynn feature

Ben Dalton, Edd Elliott and Lillie Davidson talk DARKNESS ON THE EDGE OF TOWN, WHY ME?, THE CHAMBERMAID LYNN and foot fetishes.


om glions

Having seriously injured almost all of its cast and crew, ROAR will appeal to lovers of B-movie car-crash cinema

Sweethearts Of The Gridiron

sweethearts feature

Lots of smiles and enthusiasm, but Edd Elliot isn’t totally sold on SWEETHEARTS OF THE GRIDIRON.

Street Kids United II: The Girls from Rio

gurl footbal helloooo

STREET KIDS UNITED 2 inspires with the sporting passion of its protagonists whilst retaining its political impact.

Short Fusion: Motion


“Adrenaline pumping with a side of swoon”… “Visually offensive, yet spectacular”… Jack McCurdy reviews the MOTION strand of CFF’s Short Fusion

The Magical Girl


Anime, revenge and sadomasochism come together to form a tangled web in Carlos Vermut’s second feature-length thriller.

Take One On Air 7/9/15

me and earl and the dying girl feature

Ben Dalton, Edd Elliott and Mark Liversidge review ME AND EARL AND THE DYING GIRL, THE LESSON and egg-static POACHED

Short Fusion: Space & Oddity


Katrina Smith reviews a collection of Sci Fi themed shorts that exhibit varying visions of bleak futures, and alternative presents.

Land Grabbing


A documentary on large-scale farming practices that emotionally engages the more it strives to remain objective.



Ireland-set horror that gives into conventional shocks after a remarkable, unsettling first half-hour.

The New Rijksmuseum


This documentary about the troubled redesign of Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum is as much about local politics and bureaucracy as it is about the museum’s masterpieces.

As We Were Dreaming

Joel Basmann / Merlin Rose

AS WE WERE DREAMING maybe be generic, but it has enough fun and firepower to entertain most, writes Jim Moore.

Waste Land


WASTE LAND is the final part of Pieter Van Hees’s trilogy ANATOMY OF LOVE AND PAIN.

Von Caligari Zu Hitler


What does cinema know that we don’t?