Closely Observed Trains

Closely observed trains feature

Jim Moore reviews Czech classic CLOSELY OBSERVED TRAINS.

Letter from an Unknown Woman


This beautifully realised romance makes it easy to suspend disbelief even after 67 years.

Welcome To Leith


Cinematic depictions of idiosyncratic small town America are so commonplace that sometimes only the real thing will do, writes Richard Hensby.

Face of the Devil


“There’s something importantly likeable at work here, which is not something you can often say about tales of woodland bloodshed. Prepare to be unexpectedly seduced.”

Horse Money


Rosy Hunt reviews HORSE MONEY, the latest and perhaps the greatest Fontainhas feature from Pedro Costa.


Born feature

Claudio Zulian splashes on the light and architecture in this historical slice of Barcelona in the 18th century.

Children of the Night


Dare your subconscious to concoct some homebrew version of LET THE RIGHT ONE IN and ÊTRE ET AVOIR and you might ferment something like CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT.



Frank Hall Green’s WILDLIKE uses the strong imagery of the Alaskan wilderness to propel a simple yet engaging storyline, writes Yozzie Osman.

German Shorts


CFF’s German shorts are united in their appeals to the rawest elements of human experience: estrangement, desperation and our ultimate need for hope.

CFF Shorts: Love & Death


“A joyful experience…” Garry Pope reviews the short film strand FUSION: LOVE & DEATH.

The Visit


THE VISIT imagines an alien craft has landed on Earth and explores the governmental, military and scientific response in the event of ‘first contact’.

Traces Of Sandalwood

traces of sandalwood feature

Maria Ripoll’s TRACES OF SANDALWOOD is a real crowd pleaser, writes Nashwa Gowanlock.


Palio feature

PALIO explores the strange world of Siena’s famous horse race.

All The Ways Of God


Modern-dress morality play ALL THE WAYS OF GOD takes as its starting point the character of Judas and the lacuna between his betrayal of Jesus and his subsequent suicide.



TRAINWRECK opens with a woman in her underwear, making out with a guy and talking dirty. But this film could not be more different from others of its ilk.