ShortFusion: Alexander Tuschinski

Alex 3

CFF 2012′s Short Fusion strand gives audiences the chance to see fresh ideas and new talent. Take One spoke to Alexander Tuschinski whose film Hollow Date screened this week.

Visions from Estonia: Mari Kallas


ANOTHER DIMENSION compares the lives of a superstitious old fisherwoman and a business orientated Christian pop band. We spoke to producer Mari Kallas about Estonian cinema.

Bert Stern: Original Madman


Bert Stern is effectively two men, writes Daniel Harling – celebrated photographer and troubled depressive. In Original Madman, we are granted access to this enthralling man.

Toni Espinosa Interview

The Night Elvis Died (La nit que va morir l’Elvis) |

Toni Espinosa, producer of THE NIGHT ELVIS DIED talks to Liam Jack at the Cambridge Film Festival about the film’s production, his cinematic influences and the state of cinema in Catalonia.

David Frankel Interview


After opening the Cambridge Film Festival with his new film HOPE SPRINGS, Jim Ross spoke to director David Frankel about the film and how hard it is to make interesting and challenging films in Hollywood.

Frank: Interview with Richard Heslop


Rosy Hunt speaks to Richard Heslop about his film FRANK, screening at the Cambridge Film Festival on September 19th, and his career. “I was not a happy bunny when I started writing FRANK – I used it as a kind of therapy to exorcise my demons.”

Apsis: Interview with Max Weinman


Lovers of Bacon, Bergman and John Cage will deeply appreciate Max Weinman’s APSIS. Rosy Hunt spoke to the director of this remarkable short.

Interview with Jun Woo Lee


THE FUNERAL is showing as part of the TO RUST section of ShortFusion. A mixture of Peter Greenaway and Samuel Beckett, but with thoroughly South Korean style, writes Rosy Hunt.

ShortFusion: Days Of Awe

ShortFusion: Days Of Awe |

Ahead of the shorts programme TO CELEBRATE, Jim Ross speaks to Rehana Khan, the director of DAYS OF AWE – one of the highlights of the shorts at the Cambridge Film Festival.

Interview with Carl Peck


Project Trident brings much needed comic relief to a surfeit of humourless drama and documentary, as well as excellent music videos and gonzo horror. We spoke to team member Carl Peck about TRIDENTFEST 2012.

Tony Hawks Interview

Tony Hawks |

Mike Boyd spoke to comedian and actor Tony Hawks about his new film, based on his book, PLAYING THE MOLDOVANS AT TENNIS

Frances Lea Interview: Strawberry Fields

Frances Lea at the London Film Festival in 2011

Jim Ross got the opportunity to interview exciting talent Frances Lea about her career and new feature STRAWBERRY FIELDS

Frostbite: Interview with Stewart Sparke


Set in the 60s on an Arctic research vessel, FROSTBITE is scheduled to enter principal photography in Spring 2013. Jack McCurdy spoke to writer/director Stewart Sparke at Glass Cannon.

Shadows of Liberty: Q&A with Jean-Philippe Tremblay


Amusingly for a documentary about media control, the makers of SHADOWS OF LIBERTY wanted to control when an interview about the film would appear. David Perilli attended the Q&A.

Mission to Lars: Q&A with Kate Spicer


Self-styled “producer come executive producer come lumpen prole fundraiser and self-effacing emo philips monkey in front of the camera gimp” Kate Spicer visited Cambridge Arts Picturehouse recently to talk about her documentary MISSION TO LARS.