Interview with Sarah Waldron


“It’s not a job, it’s a vocation, but a very rewarding one.” At the Watersprite festival Rosy Hunt spoke to Sarah Waldron, series producer at the BBC, about documentary filmmaking.

Meet the Cambridge APH’s new programmer!

“Cambridge audiences love wonderful world and arthouse cinema. They like challenging films and I’m absolutely up for continuing that.” We’re in safe hands with new programmer Madeleine Mullett.

Interview with Terence Stamp


We spoke to Terence Stamp about his time spent in Indian ashrams; about the controversy surrounding SUPERMAN II; about his mentor Olivier, and about the way TV is attracting so many of today’s greatest actors.

Side By Side: Chris Kenneally Interview

Side By Side: Chris Kenneally Interview |

SIDE BY SIDE is a fascinating new documentary, featuring interviews led by Keanu Reeves, looking at the rise of digital technology in filmmaking. Jim Ross spoke to director Chris Kenneally about the film and the discussion it highlights.

The Lights And Then The Noise


Liam Jack reports back from the London Short Film Festival, where he spoke to filmmakers Fran Broadhurst and Mathy Tremewan about guerrilla filmmaking, the power of music and alien abduction.

Interview with Jeff Blyth


The memorable opening sequence from THE SHINING was shot by Jeff Blyth, a photographer and director with over 40 years’ experience in Hollywood. We caught up with him to find out how he got started.

Interview with Jesse Vile


We spoke to Jesse about his directorial debut JASON BECKER: NOT DEAD YET, a documentary about a guitar hero who hasn’t let Lou Gehrig’s Disease stop him recording music.

Interview with Oliver Krimpas

Oliver Krimpas

Oliver Krimpas’ GHOST IN THE MACHINE is a chaste, humorous love story reminiscent of Stephen King’s more light-hearted tales of the unexpected. We spoke to Oliver about his work.

Interview with Ben Wheatley & Steve Oram


As SIGHTSEERS hits our screens Patrick Fowler speaks to director Ben Wheatley and writer/actor Steve Oram about holidays in caravans and spoilers in trailers.

5 Broken Cameras: Guy Davidi Interview

5 Broken Cameras: Guy Davidi Interview |

5 BROKEN CAMERAS is an extremely powerful documentary charting life in the village of Bil’in on the West Bank. Toby Miller got the opportunity to speak to co-director Guy Davidi for an in-depth interview on the making of the film.

Talking Kuchu – the fight for gay rights in Uganda


If you take Western European views on homosexuality for granted, you should watch CALL ME KUCHU. David Perilli interviews creators Katy and Malika, and activist Naome Ruzindana.

Interview with William Fowler


Anthony Davis spoke to BFI curator William Fowler, who presented a collection of films by the British artist and eccentric, Bruce Lacey, at the Cambridge Film Festival this year.

Mat Whitecross Interview

Mat Whitecross Interview | | Photo by Tom Catchesides

Jim Ross speaks to Mat Whitecross, director of SEX & DRUGS & ROCK & ROLL, about his new film ASHES – the difficulties of making of the film, the performances of the cast, and Whitecross’ career to date.

Christophe Wagner Interview

Christophe Wagner Interview |

Director Christophe Wagner was at the Cambridge Film Festival to show his new film, DOUDEGE WÉNKEL (BLIND SPOT) – Jim Ross spoke to him about the film and the film industry in Luxembourg, his native country.

Fredrik Gertten Interview

Cambridge Film Festival 2012 - Wednesday 19th September 2012

Fredrik Gertten talks to Mike Boyd about BIG BOYS GONE BANANAS, and why this CFF Audience Award winning documentary has such an important message.