Interview with Midi Z


Tianyi Shen spoke to Burmese-Taiwanese director Midi Z at EIFF about his film ICE POISON, a dark and elegant depiction of Myanmar’s crystal meth scene.

In Conversation with Ken Loach


Ken Loach visited the Cambridge Arts Picturehouse with his new film JIMMY’S HALL; Anthony Davis spoke to him about journalistic vitriol and corporate propaganda.

Interview with Gerard Lough


Indie filmmaker Gerard Lough believes that short films are looked down on by some as the poor relative of the film world – we spoke to him about his own short, the cyberpunk thriller NINETY SECONDS.

Interview with Ryan Coogler


FRUITVALE STATION highlights how hard it can be to stay on the right track when the odds are stacked against you. We spoke to the director at Sundance London.

Interview with Bruce Glover


After our interview with Crispin was cut short, we got in touch with his brilliant dad, Bruce, who offered some insights into his own acting career and teaching philosophy.

Interview with Crispin Glover


Leanne Tyers speaks to actor, auteur, artist and performer Crispin Glover about Timothy Carey, Andy Kaufman, guilty pleasures and the monomyth.

Interview with Dave Gillam


We spoke to the director of Wales One World Film Festival, which probably offers the most accurate definition of what world cinema should be, writes Hiu Chan.

Interview with Robert Löbel


We spoke to Robert Löbel, the animator behind the wonderful WIND – which is one of the highlights of the Watersprite festival this weekend.

Interview with Ramon Zürcher


Toby Miller spoke to Ramon Zürcher, whose film “The Strange Little Cat” was one of the most talked about features at CFF2013.

Interview with Laura Colella


We spoke to the writer/director/editor of BREAKFAST WITH CURTIS: a film Paul Thomas Anderson called “a smile from beginning to end”.

Interview with Umut Dag

Kuma |

We spoke to the director of KUMA about the great gamble of filmmaking, features vs. shorts and working under Michael Haneke at Vienna Film Academy.

Interview with Toby Amies


Anthony Davis spoke to Toby Amies about his documentary THE MAN WHOSE MIND EXPLODED, a touching portrait of an ageing maverick amnesiac.

Interview with John Otway


After the screening of his biopic, John Otway spoke to Take One about his experience of the Cambridge Film Festival.

Interview with Project Trident


Ahead of cult indie showcase TRIDENTFEST on Friday, we spoke to Carl Peck about the work of Project Trident and their plans for this year.



We spoke to Jonny Phillips, whose film is one of the shortest and most powerful screened at this year’s Cambridge Film Festival.