Interview with Laura Colella


We spoke to the writer/director/editor of BREAKFAST WITH CURTIS: a film Paul Thomas Anderson called “a smile from beginning to end”.

Interview with Umut Dag

Kuma |

We spoke to the director of KUMA about the great gamble of filmmaking, features vs. shorts and working under Michael Haneke at Vienna Film Academy.

Interview with Toby Amies


Anthony Davis spoke to Toby Amies about his documentary THE MAN WHOSE MIND EXPLODED, a touching portrait of an ageing maverick amnesiac.

Interview with John Otway


After the screening of his biopic, John Otway spoke to Take One about his experience of the Cambridge Film Festival.

Interview with Project Trident


Ahead of cult indie showcase TRIDENTFEST on Friday, we spoke to Carl Peck about the work of Project Trident and their plans for this year.



We spoke to Jonny Phillips, whose film is one of the shortest and most powerful screened at this year’s Cambridge Film Festival.

Dead Cat

dead cat2

DEAD CAT is a funny, thoughtful film about being 30-something and realising what is important: it’s a kind of coming of age film for adults, writes Amanda Randall.

Unmade in China


We speak to have-a-go heroes Gil Kofman and Tanner Barklow about culture clash and production hell in the Orient: don’t miss UNMADE IN CHINA.

Interview with Maurice Caldera

Maurice Caldera

Imagine an episode of Reginald Perrin scripted by Eugène Ionesco and you might conjure the spirit of OUR NAME IS MICHAEL MORGAN, screening at CFF2013. We spoke to director Maurice Caldera.

FrightFest: 10 Questions with Alan Jones


Horror extravaganza Film4 FrightFest is important to so many people – Edd Elliott speaks to organiser Alan Jones to find out why.

A Field In England: Multi-Platform Release


Toby Miller of Cambridge 105’s Bums On Seats interviewed City Screen’s Gabriel Swartland about the film’s multi-platform release.

Interview with Rebekah Tolley

Michael Grigsby |

Gavin Midgley speaks to producer Rebekah Tolley about the making of acclaimed documentary WE WENT TO WAR and its director Michael Grigsby.

Lights off on Pedro Costa


Meet Pedro Costa, referred to by Peter Bradshaw as “the Samuel Beckett of cinema.” This funny, insightful and educational interview is abridged; we include a link to the full transcript.

Interview with Gabi Norland


“At the moment only 5% of fiction directors are women, 4% of cinematographers are women and 2% sound recordists are women.” Cinematographer Gabi Norland explains why women filmmakers need our support.

Interview with John Logan


John Logan – the writer behind GLADIATOR, THE AVIATOR, HUGO and SKYFALL – was in energetic and affable form at this year’s Watersprite Student Film Festival in Cambridge.