Interview with David Boyd


Edinburgh Filmhouse’s chief projectionist David Boyd offers a fascinating insight into how things work behind the scenes at the Edinburgh Film Fest.

Interview: Marc Quinn & Gerry Fox


MAKING WAVES is not only a portrait of the artist Marc Quinn, but Gerry Fox gives a sense of the huge range of work that he does.

Interview: Emily Greenwood


Emily Greenwood creates what she would call ‘intelligent mainstream’. We spoke to her about her short, the captivating and original COLD WARRIOR.

Interview with Chus de Castro


Chus de Castro’s LOVE CRISIS spreads a message filled with hope for the worldwide financial crisis, with an approach that’s sociological rather than political.

The Voices


Alison Hicks reviews THE VOICES, and speaks to creator Marjane “Persepolis” Satrapi about this surprisingly funny film featuring an abundance of body parts stacked in Tupperware.

Interview with Laura Rossi


Anthony Davis spoke to composer Laura Rossi about her experience writing music for BFI Silent Film JANE SHORE, currently touring the UK.

Interview with Jason Wood


“West End arts venues are ghettoising films and making them a province for the rich. Art should be for everybody.” We spoke to Jason Wood of HOME MANCHESTER

On Your Feet, Woman!


We spoke to the creators of this hot and heavy wrestling film, screened at BFI Flare, London’s LGBT Film Festival this year.

Interview with David Cairns


“It didn’t seem possible that anybody could be running a major studio and having a sideline in porn – who would have the energy?”

The Devil On Wheels


Faye Gentile speaks to the minds behind this feature documentary about DUEL, Steven Spielberg’s cult film. 10 days left to kickstart this unique project!

Interview with Pascal Floerks

pascal floerks feature

Edd Elliott interviews Pascal Floerks about his short film BÄR at the Watersprite Film Festival.

Interview with Robin Gutch

robin gutch feature

Edd Elliott talks producing and Warp Films with Managing Director Robin Gutch.

Interview with Santi Amodeo


“A comedy in the style of Guy Ritchie, perhaps. Maybe a little bit of the Coen brothers.” We spoke to Santi Amodeo about his crime caper WHO KILLED BAMBI?

Working in the Danger Zone


This year at Watersprite saw some amazing investigative journalists and filmmakers talk about their experiences out in the field.

Bob & Co: Setting Up A Company

flamank feature

Edd Elliott hears Simon Flamank of Bob&Co’s insights on Setting Up A Company.