The closing of CAFF, Mwansa The Great and interview with director Rungano Nyoni

Mwanssa cover

The Cambridge African Film Festival drew to a close last week, summing up the extraordinary work pouring out of Africa with a set of shorts from various countries on the continent (see for more information). The last of these was MWANSA THE GREAT – a wonderfully crowd-pleasing adventure into the heart and mind of [...]

The First Cambridge Film Festival


David Perilli in conversation with the original CFF programmer David Jakes.

Simon Rumley Talks to Take One

Simon Rumley talks to TakeOne Magazine | TakeOne | | Photo by Tom Catchesides (

Rosy Hunt spoke to Simon Rumley and Bob Portal about THE LIVING AND THE DEAD and RED, WHITE AND BLUE

Guerrilla Film making with Widows


Fiona Scoble interviewed the director of CARTOGRAPHY OF LONELINESS

Hamish McAlpine Talks Tartan

Hamish McAlpine at CFF2011 |

Hamish McAlpine appeared at CFF2011 to introduce a retrospective look at his production company TARTAN FILMS, which folded in 2008 but still offers a rich back catalogue of horror and art house film. Ferry Hunt spoke to Hamish at the festival.

Interview with Ozzie Yue and Jennifer Lim


Edd Elliot spoke to Jennifer Lim and Ozzie Yue about ACT OF GRACE and its potential reception in the Asian community.

The Bengali Detective

The Bengali Detective Review & Feature | TakeOne |

Documentary films in a theatrical environment can be dull and lacking in cinematic verve. Nobody should be concerned about THE BENGALI DETECTIVE, a touching but humorous look into the life of Rajesh – a private detective in Kolkata.

Tyrannosaur UK Premiere

At the UK premiere of TYRANNOSAUR, David Perilli hosted a Q&A with director Paddy Considine. We have the video and reviews here.

Interview with Nicolas Winding Refn


Nicolas Winding Refn, winner of the ‘Best Director’ award at this year’s Cannes film festival, arrived in Cambridge for a special preview screening of Drive. Dorian Stone spoke to him about his influences and working style.

Interview with Jos Stelling


Jos Stelling: filmmaker, cinema owner, visionary. Although popular on the festival circuit, none of his films have achieved distribution in the UK. Stelling was a special guest at the Cambridge Film Festival 2011, and Dorian Stone had the opportunity to interview him.

Deepak Verma


Mihai Kolcsar discusses universality and cultural diversity with actor, director and playwright Deepak Verma.

Interview with Céline Sciamma


Claire Henry interviewed Céline Sciamma about her film TOMBOY, which screened at the Cambridge Film Festival 2011.

Interview with Jonathan Furmanski


First-time director Jonathan Furmanski has been a fan of the controversial singer/songwriter Clarence “Blowfly” Reid since high school. His documentary “The Weird World of Blowfly” isn’t just a showcase for the unsung grandaddy of rap – it also features some fascinating off-stage character studies.

George Kuchar Interview


Rosy Hunt interviewed George Kuchar for CFF2009. His 16mm underground wonders, filmed in collaboration with his brother Mike, shook up the Bronx in the early sixties. Their influence over Warhol, Waters, Vadim and Lynch is obvious; but the Kuchar Brothers have always worked for love, not money.