Goodbye to glaciers: Chasing Ice


CHASING ICE gets right out there, risks its ass and shoves its snout into the direct effects of heating up the planet’s atmosphere. David Perilli speaks to Extreme Ice team member Jeff Orlowski.

All Washed Up: Jaywick Escapes


“The Essex seaside town which could be paradise but instead has a reputation as a sink estate with candy-floss.” David Perilli spoke to Karen Guthrie, co-director of JAYWICK ESCAPES.

ITV: In Conversation with Michael Apted


Filmmaker Michael Apted talked about his career with documentary maker Leslie Woodhead at Sheffield Doc/Fest 2012. David Perilli shares the highlights of their discussion on the “7 Up” series and “Tomorrow Never Dies”.

Ken Loach Interview

Ken Loach with Jim Ross |

“I’d like to annihilate the term ‘social realism’”: Ken Loach was recently in Cambridge and Jim Ross got the opportunity to talk to him about THE ANGELS’ SHARE.

Johannes Roberts Interview


Johannes Roberts, hailing from Cambridge, is quickly becoming one of the horror directors of the decade and his new film STORAGE 24 is set to become one of the most notable films of the summer. Jack McCurdy caught up with him recently.

UK Green Film Festival Preview

UK Green Film Festival |

Jim Ross previews the UK Green Film Festival (18th-20th May) and speaks to co-founder John Long

Town of Runners


In most areas of rural Ethiopia, there aren’t many opportunities for young women beyond marriage and motherhood. Jerry Rothwell’s documentary, TOWN OF RUNNERS, introduces the farming town of Bekoji: the exception that proves the rule.

Blink of an Eye: Interview with Martin Bargiel


We first met director Martin Bargiel at Cambridge Film Festival 2011. Max Zeh caught up with him to talk about his award winning short AUGENBLICKE, about an upcoming foray into feature film and about the foibles of film making in general.

The Devil’s Business – Interview with Sean Hogan

viewer (1)

Sean Hogan is a rising star on the British horror scene. His most recent film, THE DEVIL’S BUSINESS, garnered a bucketload of positive reviews at last year’s Film4 FrightFest. Gavin Midgley talked to Sean about the film and its production.

Interview with Lab Ky Mo


Rosy Hunt interviews young director Lab Ky Mo about the jewel in his portfolio to date: the Jarmusch-esque 3 MILE RADIUS, starring the excellent Ozzie Yue.

Shifting ground: an interview with D R Hood

Wreckers by D R Hood |

David Perilli interviewed DR Hood, who will present her well-received directorial feature debut, WRECKERS, at the Arts Picturehouse on April 24th.

TFF2012: Interview with Toshiaki Toyoda


One of Japan’s most infamous and most admired directors, Toshiaki Toyoda’s unique style has illuminated the programme at this year’s Terracotta Film Festival. Ferry Hunt spoke to Toyoda at a Terracotta masterclass in London today.

NFF2012: Interview with Gergely Wootsch


Gergely Wootsch’s THIS IS NOT REAL was the “Best Animation” winner at this year’s Norwich Film Festival. We spoke to Wootsch about his influences as a scholar of the obscure, and his plans for the future.

TAKE ONE speaks to Marc Senter


Marc Senter featured in the CFF2011 programme as Franki in RED, WHITE AND BLUE. He’s a committed and versatile method actor, as well as a regular contributor to Mark Bullock caught up with Marc, who spent last year promoting BRAWLER and has now joined Bill Moseley on Darren Bousman’s DEVIL’S CARNIVAL project.

NFF2012: Interview with Hadi Ghandour


It’s plain to see just from the trailer that this isn’t your typical, brainless romcom – from the idiosyncratic characterisation to the humour and honesty of the script, LOVE AFTER SUNRISE shows true potential for a thinking man’s look at love.