Long Vacations of 36


Political ideology and family commitments are pushed into knife edge territory at the turn of the Spanish Civil War, as bourgeois holidaymakers try to remain neutral to the conflict.

Once Upon A Time In Japan


From horror, comedy, thrillers and animation to period films and docudramas, ONCE UPON A TIME IN JAPAN demonstrates the richness, the diversity and the relevance of a contemporary Japanese cinema that is vastly under-represented on the international film circuit.



REBIRTH follows the traumatised childhood of Erina, an individual who must confront fundamental questions about her own identity if she is not to repeat mistakes made in the past.

Dancing In The Ashes

Dancing in The Ashes | Watersprite 2013 | TakeOneCFF.com

Jim Ross takes a look the winner of Film of the Year, Best Screenplay and Best Production Design at Watersprite 2013 – Nick Rowland’s DANCING IN THE ASHES.

So you want to make documentaries?


The documentary panel at Watersprite explained how the opportunities that documentary filmmaking offers can lead to a filmmaker changing the world.

Animated Exeter Round-Up

Coonskin | TakeOneCFF.com

Jonathan Toomey experiences the extraordinary diversity of this leading UK animation festival.