My Dog Killer (Moj Pes Killer)


MY DOG KILLER is not a film about right-wing extremism in Eastern Europe, rather it is about the consequences of neglect on humanity, writes Steve Williams.

The Color of the Chameleon


THE COLOR OF THE CHAMELEON revisits communist Bulgaria and its secret police for a highly- stylised, absurdist dark commentary. Steve Williams reviews at the Edinburgh Film Festival.

Breathe In


Guy Pearce steals the show in Drake Doremus’ BREATHE IN, the opening night film at the 67th edition of the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

20th Italian Film Festival 2013


Seven films from the festival travelled to Belfast for the first time this year, for a week of showings at the Queen’s Film Theatre. Noel Megahey reviews.

Dormant Beauty (Bella addormentata)


Marco Bellocchio’s approach to the subject of assisted dying demonstrates why he is still probably the most important filmmaker in Italy today, writes Noel Megahey.

Udine Far East Film Festival


The annual Far East Film Festival in Udine, Italy is one of the most important Asian film festivals in the world, and proves how cinema is itself already trans-national, writes Hiu Chan.

13th Belfast Film Festival


“The personal impression I always take away from a Belfast Film Festival is one of a programme of intense, gritty and challenging new international cinema. The 13th BFF was no exception.”

Like Someone In Love


You have to adjust your view of traditional film narrative and structure if you want to get the most out of an Abbas Kiarostami film, writes Noel Megahey at Belfast Film Fest.

Radio Free Albemuth

albemuth2 copy

RADIO FREE ALBEMUTH, which screened at Belfast Film Festival, is the closest we’ve seen yet to Philip K. Dick’s vision being put on the screen, writes Noel Megahey.

Los Lobos De Arga


LOS LOBOS DE ARGA plays a loud, boisterous and broad game, never afraid to resort to bold slapstick and sloppy gore. Patrick Fowler reports back from the ¡Viva! Film Festival.

Infancia Clandestina


Based on the childhood of its director, INFANCIA CLANDESTINA is masterful, intimate and bold, writes Patrick Fowler.

The World Is Ours


Director Alfonso Sanchez uses the financial crisis to frame his new comedy, EL MUNDO ES NUESTRO, wherein two Sevillians decide to dress as holy penitents and rob a bank.

Long Vacations of 36


Political ideology and family commitments are pushed into knife edge territory at the turn of the Spanish Civil War, as bourgeois holidaymakers try to remain neutral to the conflict.

Once Upon A Time In Japan


From horror, comedy, thrillers and animation to period films and docudramas, ONCE UPON A TIME IN JAPAN demonstrates the richness, the diversity and the relevance of a contemporary Japanese cinema that is vastly under-represented on the international film circuit.



REBIRTH follows the traumatised childhood of Erina, an individual who must confront fundamental questions about her own identity if she is not to repeat mistakes made in the past.