Sing me the Songs that Say I Love You


Kim Pearce reviews this fascinating documentary and concert film giving insight into the life, death and family of singer-songwriter Kate McGarrigle.



There are impressive elements to Thomas Arslan’s GOLD, even if they don’t quite work together as often as they should, writes Dan Harling.

The Great Hip Hop Hoax

The Great Hip Hop Hoax || Photo by Goetz Werner

THE GREAT HIP HIP HOAX – two Scots remaking themselves as Californian rap duo – is a mild indictment of the artificiality of modern music, writes Jim Ross


morente2_web 600

There is a joyful rhythm to this documentary on flamenco singer Enrique Morente despite its self-congratulatory tone, writes Hannah Clarkson.

The Paranormal Diaries: Clophill


I don’t scare easily and I am probably the least superstitious person I know. I do not believe in ghosts, ghoulies or things that go bump in the night (barring peckish urban foxes). I take a dim view of the chance that paranormal beings exist in our reality and of those who seek to convince [...]

Dummy Jim


“You can’t plough a field by turning it over in your mind”. DUMMY JIM is inspired by Scottish author and long-distance cyclist, James Duthie.

Ludwig II


Even in the depths of the monarch’s decadence and detachment from reality, LUDWIG is always a sympathetic character, writes Owen Baker.

Hannah Arendt


HANNAH ARENDT is a film populated with deep thinkers, academics and journalists, but only a few express their passions believably, writes Mark Liversidge.

Particle Fever


Science and the popular press have become somewhat uneasy bedfellows over the last few decades, writes Mark Liversidge.

Growing Pain

Martha Maria Thieme

The actual medical cause of physical ‘growing pains’ among children remain unknown, Wikipedia (reliably?) informs the curious reader: they are not thought to be directly linked to spurts in height. This mildly poetic physiological peculiarity seems relevant to the selection of short films at the Arts Picturehouse entitled GROWING PAIN– the five pieces chosen explore [...]



What better way to open this year’s Cambridge Film Festival than with an exploration of one of its most famous residents?

Prince Avalanche


The performances of the film’s two leads are strong enough to carry PRINCE AVALANCHE’s meandering and sometimes surreal plot, writes Sophie Skinner.

AKA Doc Pomus


A.K.A. DOC POMUS transcends generic bounds to touch on many shades of life: childhood difficulty, loves, heartbreak, humour and a search for satisfaction.

The Wicker Man


A folky brew of pagan eroticism and eldritch menace, which remains profoundly influential, writes Danny Davies. See the Final Cut of THE WICKER MAN at CFF2013.

Edindocs: Saturday Finale

EdinDocs 2013 |

The Saturday finale of Edindocs spans the US military’s recent rebuilding operations in Afghanistan, and competitive gooseberry growing in North Yorkshire.