Interview: Ewan Cant on Nekromantik

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Ewan Cant gives all the information needed for NEKROMANTIK

The Case Against 8

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THE CASE AGAINST 8 may not be frilly, but it doesn’t need to be, according to Sarah Dillon.

Beloved Sisters


Intelligent and eccentric, BELOVED SISTERS looks to penetrate the mores of Enlightenment Germany, according to Stephen Watson.

Inferno 3D

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The supreme Mojave Desert is the real star of INFERNO 3-D, according to Jack McCurdy.

Dancing in Dulais


The delirious kinesis of DANCING IN DULAIS proves infectious. Let’s just hope it spreads, writes Ben Dalton.

N: The Madness Of Reason


The legacy of colonialism is explored in N: THE MADNESS OF REASON.


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The interweaving narrative of ACRID leaves lots of space for character observation, according to Jim Moore.

Editors’ Blog — Sunday, 31st August: Day 4

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Edd attempts to unravel his biscuit and ukulele problems.

Oh Boy

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The life journey of OH BOY is set to be a real crowd-pleaser, according to Andrew Nickolds.

Editor’s Blog — Saturday 30th August: Day 3

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Jim rediscovers the small delights — and irritations — of the Cambridge Film Festival.

Life of Crime

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Jennifer Aniston may be one of the brightest lights in LIFE OF CRIME, according to Andrew Nickolds.

Interview with Leah Meyerhoff


Jack Toye spoke to filmmaker Leah Meyerhoff and sound mixer Joe Stillwater about I BELIEVE IN UNICORNS, screening at Cambridge Film Festival this year.


Ningen |

NINGEN delights in a type of storytelling so refreshing in its refusal to be defined by simple morals, neat endings and tied up plots, writes Sarah Dillon.


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TIR makes the most of the mundane, according to Andrew Nickolds.

The Keeper of Lost Causes


The start of a highly promising odd-couple detective partnership, according to Stephen Watson.