Belfast Film Festival 2014


If one of the roles of a good film festival is to restore your faith in cinema, the Belfast Film Festival does just that, writes Noel Megahey.



Noel Megahey wonders whether Warmerdam’s modern-day troglodyte is a Lynchian icon of subconscious furies, or a Haneke-like threat to middle-class complacency…



Reggio follows up his QATSI trilogy with a celebration of the beauty of the world, laced with a warning about the danger of losing touch with nature and with our very souls.

10th China Indie Film Fest


The China Independent Film Fest is an important platform for Chinese indie filmmakers who are confounded by censorship in their own country. We spoke to one of the organisers.

Interview with Dave Gillam


We spoke to the director of Wales One World Film Festival, which probably offers the most accurate definition of what world cinema should be, writes Hiu Chan.

Wales One World Film Festival


When a cultural event like the Wales One World Film Festival is conducted with such passion and love, the warmth can always be felt, writes Hiu Chan.

In Conversation with Jim Broadbent


Alison Hicks shares the highlights of Jim Broadbent’s closing talk at the excellent Watersprite Film Festival.

Watersprite Script Lab


As part of this year’s Watersprite, two students were given the opportunity to present short film scripts to industry specialist Jamie Wolpert, Development Executive at BFI.

Watersprite Screenings #2


Arjun Sajip looks at three shorts which exemplify the broad range of films on offer at Watersprite – from timewarping fantasy to the bitter reality of suicide at Beachy Head.

Four Weddings And Fat Thighs


Drawing upon his experience of making megahits, Richard Curtis offered sound advice for the young filmmakers at Watersprite.

Born Positive


Always understated, BORN POSITIVE is a carefully sensitive portrayal of the resilience of these young people and their discovery of a sense of self in the face of adversity.

Watersprite Screenings


Shipwrecks, prohibition and speculative fiction… Alison Hicks looks at some of the shorts screening at Watersprite over the weekend.

Cowboys and Indians


“A powerful vision of solace and mourning in its most lonely form…” Patrick Fowler reviews COWBOY UND INDIANER, screening at the Watersprite festival this weekend.



“WIND clings to its blustery motif, and consistently delights the viewer with the joys of animation throughout”. See it at Watersprite this weekend.

Watersprite Festival 2014


This weekend, Cambridge is treated to some of the most prodigious output gifted student filmmakers have to offer, with fiction, documentaries and stunning animations sharing time on the silver screen.