ShortFusion: Alexander Tuschinski

Alex 3

CFF 2012′s Short Fusion strand gives audiences the chance to see fresh ideas and new talent. Take One spoke to Alexander Tuschinski whose film Hollow Date screened this week.

Reflections: All Divided Selves


We hoped to interview Luke Fowler at CFF2012; unfortunately, he was indisposed. Instead we offer you a review from guest writer Anthony Davis, who attended the screening and Q&A.

Tridentfest 2012


If you had the misfortune to miss the brilliant TRIDENTFEST 2012, let CFF know there’s a demand by tweeting them @camfilmfest or by commenting on the festival site. Rosy Hunt reviews.

Isn’t prevention better than cure?


Pharmacist Lucy Sheppard is not entirely convinced that the David-versus-Goliath situation described in the emotive documentary FIRE IN THE BLOOD is quite as clear cut as it seems. What do you think?

Toni Espinosa Interview

The Night Elvis Died (La nit que va morir l’Elvis) |

Toni Espinosa, producer of THE NIGHT ELVIS DIED talks to Liam Jack at the Cambridge Film Festival about the film’s production, his cinematic influences and the state of cinema in Catalonia.

Georges Méliès: Silents Speak Volumes


On Thursday in Sawston, CFF celebrates the works of Georges Méliès with a screening of the restored version of his most famous work, A TRIP TO THE MOON, followed by THE EXTRAORDINARY VOYAGE.

David Frankel Interview


After opening the Cambridge Film Festival with his new film HOPE SPRINGS, Jim Ross spoke to director David Frankel about the film and how hard it is to make interesting and challenging films in Hollywood.

Hitchcock: Capture and Suppression


Hitchcock was a relentless explorer of human limitations – those of his characters, as well as those of his audience. Emma Wilkinson looks at themes of entrapment and suppression in his greatest films.

ShortFusion: Days Of Awe

ShortFusion: Days Of Awe |

Ahead of the shorts programme TO CELEBRATE, Jim Ross speaks to Rehana Khan, the director of DAYS OF AWE – one of the highlights of the shorts at the Cambridge Film Festival.

All Divided Selves


RD Laing is a radical, a leading figure of the counter-culture of the 60s. A guru to some – cruel alcoholic to others. Steve Williams looks at the troubled subject of Luke Fowler’s ALL DIVIDED SELVES.

Happy Roald Dahl Day!


Roald Dahl Day takes place on 13th September every year, on what would have been the writer’s birthday. CFF2012 celebrates 30 years of the BFG with a screening of Cosgrove Hall’s classic 80s animation on 16th September.

Francesco Rosi: Poet of Civic Courage


Subject of a strand at this year’s Cambridge Film Festival, Steve Williams looks at Francesco Rosi – poet of civic courage, conscience of Italian cinema.

Why Cinema Brands Kill Narrative

They may pull in audiences, but using cinematic brand names as TOTAL RECALL and THE BOURNE LEGACY did kills narrative and leaves audiences feeling duped, writes Jim Ross

Grindhouse Special: Radley Metzger


Rosy Hunt’s must-see films at CFF2012 are George Kuchar’s black comedy porno THUNDERCRACK and Jodorowsky’s Italian classic SANTA SANGRE. Get in the mood for glorious exploitation with this Radley Metzger retrospective.

Jurassic Park


Those ripples in your water glass – the Cambridge Film Festival is coming. Dinosaurs will stalk the lawns at Felbrigg Hall on September 1st, at the outdoor screening of a monster classic. Jim Ross looks back at Spielberg’s JURASSIC PARK, his first film love.