A Nightmare At The Museum


Piers Houlin met the horror legend Robert Englund, who waxed lyrical on British period drama and James Corden’s contribution to Broadway humour.



Latest contribution to the Hallowe’en Specials: Keith Braithwaite’s top trouser-soiling moment from cinema history features in The Who’s bonkers, mawkish rock opera TOMMY.

Dumbo: The Children’s Horror Film


DUMBO plays on themes that are universally fear-inducing for children: isolation, bullying and embarrassment, writes Joe De-Vine.

The Big Shave


Martin Scorsese’s art school short offers more than gore – it’s a Pandora’s box of blackly comic political satire. Hannah Clarkson reviews.

TAKE ONE on Bond


TAKE ONE writers pick the best and worst of the Bond films, in this Bond film special featuring films about Bond, James Bond.

Interview with William Fowler


Anthony Davis spoke to BFI curator William Fowler, who presented a collection of films by the British artist and eccentric, Bruce Lacey, at the Cambridge Film Festival this year.

London Film Festival Preview

BFI London Film Festival | TakeOneCFF.com

The BFI London Film Festival kicks off today, Ed Frost takes a short look at what is in store until October 21st. Check in with TAKE ONE for reviews of films screening at the festival.

Focus On: Nicolas Winding Refn

Focus On: Nicolas Winding Refn

Ahead of the release of the English language version of PUSHER, Joe De-Vine takes a look at the career of the original’s director – Nicolas Winding Refn, a man “insistent on being heard as a distinct voice in cinema.”

Different Strokes: Illustrious Corpses


Hannah Clarkson and Steve Williams offer opposing views on Rosi’s ILLUSTRIOUS CORPSES. Is the truth always revolutionary? There’s only one way to find out! Read on, and then let us know what you think.

Mat Whitecross Interview

Mat Whitecross Interview | TakeOneCFF.com | Photo by Tom Catchesides

Jim Ross speaks to Mat Whitecross, director of SEX & DRUGS & ROCK & ROLL, about his new film ASHES – the difficulties of making of the film, the performances of the cast, and Whitecross’ career to date.

Christophe Wagner Interview

Christophe Wagner Interview | TakeOneCFF.com

Director Christophe Wagner was at the Cambridge Film Festival to show his new film, DOUDEGE WÉNKEL (BLIND SPOT) – Jim Ross spoke to him about the film and the film industry in Luxembourg, his native country.

ShortFusion: Alexander Tuschinski

Alex 3

CFF 2012′s Short Fusion strand gives audiences the chance to see fresh ideas and new talent. Take One spoke to Alexander Tuschinski whose film Hollow Date screened this week.

Reflections: All Divided Selves


We hoped to interview Luke Fowler at CFF2012; unfortunately, he was indisposed. Instead we offer you a review from guest writer Anthony Davis, who attended the screening and Q&A.

Tridentfest 2012


If you had the misfortune to miss the brilliant TRIDENTFEST 2012, let CFF know there’s a demand by tweeting them @camfilmfest or by commenting on the festival site. Rosy Hunt reviews.

Isn’t prevention better than cure?


Pharmacist Lucy Sheppard is not entirely convinced that the David-versus-Goliath situation described in the emotive documentary FIRE IN THE BLOOD is quite as clear cut as it seems. What do you think?