The Elephant Man

Elephant Man

Joe De-Vine challenges the critics and scholars who have found fault with David Lynch’s portrayal of disability, and over-reliance on subjective accounts, in THE ELEPHANT MAN.

Prof. Vanessa Toulmin on “The Elephant Man”


Professor Vanessa Toulmin introduced THE ELEPHANT MAN at Cambridge Arts Picturehouse recently, as part of the Darwin Correspondence Project’s ‘Darwin and Human Nature’ series.

Interview with Ben Wheatley & Steve Oram


As SIGHTSEERS hits our screens Patrick Fowler speaks to director Ben Wheatley and writer/actor Steve Oram about holidays in caravans and spoilers in trailers.

Notes on African Cinema


African film, and its filmmakers and producers, is inevitably much like the countries that fill the large continent: a vast array of personalities, humour, issues, injustices, histories that ultimately represent a variety of storytelling methods. It is one of the few film industries – along with perhaps, to a lesser extent, Asian cinema – where a number [...]

Aid & Abet: Dark Hours/Fixed Space

AId & Abet: Dark Hours/Fixed Space |

Sarah McIntosh looks at the “filmic equivalent of antipasti”, the “eclectic range of tastes, senses and sensibilities” offered by Aid & Abet as part of DARK HOURS/FIXED SPACE programme of one-minute shorts.

Talking Kuchu – the fight for gay rights in Uganda


If you take Western European views on homosexuality for granted, you should watch CALL ME KUCHU. David Perilli interviews creators Katy and Malika, and activist Naome Ruzindana.

Dead End


Mihai Kolcsar has a Hallowe’en flashback to the fearsome forests of Transylvania, triggered by the underrated classic DEAD END, starring Ray Wise and Lin Shaye.

A Nightmare At The Museum


Piers Houlin met the horror legend Robert Englund, who waxed lyrical on British period drama and James Corden’s contribution to Broadway humour.



Latest contribution to the Hallowe’en Specials: Keith Braithwaite’s top trouser-soiling moment from cinema history features in The Who’s bonkers, mawkish rock opera TOMMY.

Dumbo: The Children’s Horror Film


DUMBO plays on themes that are universally fear-inducing for children: isolation, bullying and embarrassment, writes Joe De-Vine.

The Big Shave


Martin Scorsese’s art school short offers more than gore – it’s a Pandora’s box of blackly comic political satire. Hannah Clarkson reviews.

TAKE ONE on Bond


TAKE ONE writers pick the best and worst of the Bond films, in this Bond film special featuring films about Bond, James Bond.

Interview with William Fowler


Anthony Davis spoke to BFI curator William Fowler, who presented a collection of films by the British artist and eccentric, Bruce Lacey, at the Cambridge Film Festival this year.

London Film Festival Preview

BFI London Film Festival |

The BFI London Film Festival kicks off today, Ed Frost takes a short look at what is in store until October 21st. Check in with TAKE ONE for reviews of films screening at the festival.

Focus On: Nicolas Winding Refn

Focus On: Nicolas Winding Refn

Ahead of the release of the English language version of PUSHER, Joe De-Vine takes a look at the career of the original’s director – Nicolas Winding Refn, a man “insistent on being heard as a distinct voice in cinema.”