Greater Expectations


To commemorate the release of the new GREAT EXPECTATIONS, Mike Levy reveals the whereabouts of one of the world’s greatest literary treasures. The answer will surprise you.

Madwomen: Susan Kane


The MADWOMEN countdown to GREAT EXPECTATIONS continues with Liam Jack’s look back at CITIZEN KANE. Was Susan Kane Orson Welles’ take on Dickens’ Miss Havisham?

Madwomen: Possession


The latest addition to our MADWOMEN theme is a closer look at Anna in POSSESSION, from our newest writer Jon Toomey.

Madwomen: Leave Her To Heaven


Look out for a young Vincent Price in Douglas Sirk’s flagrant Freudian fable. Rosy Hunt nominates Gene Tierney in LEAVE HER TO HEAVEN for our MADWOMEN series.

Interview with Oliver Krimpas

Oliver Krimpas

Oliver Krimpas’ GHOST IN THE MACHINE is a chaste, humorous love story reminiscent of Stephen King’s more light-hearted tales of the unexpected. We spoke to Oliver about his work.

Madwomen: Notes on a Scandal


In NOTES ON A SCANDAL, a wealthy bohemian art teacher starts an ill-advised affair with a student. All of that might’ve been okay if it weren’t for Barbara, played flawlessly by Judi Dench: Patrick Fowler’s nominated madwoman.

Madwomen: A Woman Under The Influence


Is Mabel truly mad, or just misunderstood? Sarah McIntosh looks back at the cunning Cassavetes classic A WOMAN UNDER THE INFLUENCE, as part of our MADWOMEN theme.

Madwomen: Rachel My Torment


“She has done for me at last, Rachel my torment…” Ann Linden’s pick for the MADWOMEN season is Olivia De Havilland as MY COUSIN RACHEL.

Madwomen: Ghost in the Machine


Told like a fairy tale, GHOST IN THE MACHINE is fun, rich and wicked. Kim Boyd reviews Oliver Krimpas’ short, which enjoyed great success at Cambridge Film Festival and at LSFF.

PSSST! Silent Film Festival


Liberal, progressive, feminist approaches to issues such as mental health and crime in a selection of films from 1910 – 1925? Jo Shaw attended the PSSST! Silent Film Festival in Zagreb.

The Unbreakable Bond


SKYFALL delivered a Bond for the 21st century, post-Bourne era. But does it represent an unwillingness to let the franchise evolve? What do we even want from James Bond? Jim Ross ponders.

Ieri, Oggi, Domani


Today marks the anniversary of the death of one of the greatest neorealists, Vittorio De Sica. Rosy Hunt reviews his comedy anthology in which Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni play three odd couples.

The Elephant Man

Elephant Man

Joe De-Vine challenges the critics and scholars who have found fault with David Lynch’s portrayal of disability, and over-reliance on subjective accounts, in THE ELEPHANT MAN.

Prof. Vanessa Toulmin on “The Elephant Man”


Professor Vanessa Toulmin introduced THE ELEPHANT MAN at Cambridge Arts Picturehouse recently, as part of the Darwin Correspondence Project’s ‘Darwin and Human Nature’ series.

Interview with Ben Wheatley & Steve Oram


As SIGHTSEERS hits our screens Patrick Fowler speaks to director Ben Wheatley and writer/actor Steve Oram about holidays in caravans and spoilers in trailers.