Journey to Italy

Journey to Italy |

Ingrid Bergman and George Sanders are trapped in a lifeless marriage in Roberto Rossellini’s pre-New Wave classic, writes Gavin Midgley – a film all about death.

Little Miss Sunshine


‘Everyone just pretend to be normal’. These words, yelled by Richard Hoover as his family veers from one disaster to another, are the essence of this 2006 road movie.



In STALKER Tarkovsky takes the notion of the journey and examines it, stretches it, makes it at once real and ethereal; reduced to its abstract components of space and time.

Goin’ Down The Road


Released in 1970, Don Shebib’s first feature was the most influential English-Canadian film of its generation, and is still an impressive piece of realist cinema, writes Wyndham Wise.

The World of Road Movies


Where we’re going, we don’t need roads. Do we? Anthony Davis introduces our latest run of themed features.

Linklater’s “Before” Trilogy


If BEFORE SUNRISE and BEFORE SUNSET are films about the beginnings of fire, BEFORE MIDNIGHT is about how to stoke a blaze, writes Ann Linden.

La Captive


This month’s theme is lesbian Belgian directors. Chantal Akerman hates labels but fits the bill. We look back at her drowsy meditation on Proustian obsession, LA CAPTIVE.

Sex+drugs+nitrate film


Murder, drug binges, espionage, prostitution… the early British film industry revelled in salacious behaviour fit to match any Hollywood gossip column, writes Amanda Randall.

British Silents 2013


On the 20th April, British Silents and BFI presented an all day programme of London-related film at London’s Cinema Museum. Keith Braithwaite describes the experience.

‘Sometimes there’s a man…’: Film Noir and its variations


“They make phone calls without saying hello or goodbye and in-between speak only in imperatives, replying in monosyllables.” Martin McGuigan looks at the wild world of Noir.

Happy Centenary, Phoenix Oxford!


There aren’t many cinemas left in this country that are over 100 years old. Happy centenary to the pioneer of the Picturehouse group: the Phoenix in Oxford!

The Invisible Man


When a scientist starts to experiment with a drug which makes him invisible, little does he know the trouble it will unleash. But the star turn in THE INVISIBLE MAN is hysterical landlady Una O’Connor, writes Eve Stebbing.

So you want to make documentaries?


The documentary panel at Watersprite explained how the opportunities that documentary filmmaking offers can lead to a filmmaker changing the world.

Animated Exeter Round-Up

Coonskin |

Jonathan Toomey experiences the extraordinary diversity of this leading UK animation festival.

The 2nd Jozi Film Festival

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Despite the fact that Johannesburg is thriving with various film activities, schools, clubs, studios and many cinema complexes, it was only in February 2012 that the first Jozi Film Festival was inaugurated.