Rebel Without A Cause


Following its recent screening at Cambridge Arts Picturehouse, Wyndham Wise offers the first-time viewer a sort of “Rebel Without A Cause” For Dummies.

Crispin Glover comes to Cambridge


On 30 April Crispin Glover will be at Cambridge APH performing a one-hour dramatic narration of his profusely illustrated books followed by a screening of his 35mm film, a Q&A session and a book signing.

Filmed Up


FILMED UP is a new filmmakers’ showcase devised by Cornerhouse Manchester. Jack Stocker reviews some of the shorts that made it onto the March programme.

Dolphin Burger Studios Presents


Dolphin Burger Studios is a group of disabled animators based in Brighton. We spoke to director Harry Hunt about their latest project, a remake of Peter Gabriel’s SLEDGEHAMMER video.

No Jet Li


Academic researcher Hiu Chan muses on the issues behind NO JET LI, a witty examination of diaspora Chinese identity filmed in collaboration with Yellow Earth.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan |

One of those rare sequels that surpasses the original, THE WRATH OF KHAN remains the high point of the Trek franchise, writes Gavin Midgley.

Josie Long: Let’s Go Adventure Tour


Read the Cambridge Q&A from award winning comedian Josie Long’s Let’s Go Adventure tour, which came to the Arts Picturehouse in November.

Švankmajer Season


Cambridge Arts Picturehouse is celebrating 50 years of filmmaking by the Czech surrealist Jan Švankmajer with a season of special screenings.

Mark Levinson and Manoug Manougian


Physicist Mark Levinson and rocket scientist Manoug Manougian, both of whom screened films at CFF2013, talk about art, science and world peace.

Growing Pain

Martha Maria Thieme

The actual medical cause of physical ‘growing pains’ among children remain unknown, Wikipedia (reliably?) informs the curious reader: they are not thought to be directly linked to spurts in height. This mildly poetic physiological peculiarity seems relevant to the selection of short films at the Arts Picturehouse entitled GROWING PAIN– the five pieces chosen explore [...]

Thatcher’s Britain


The THATCHER’S BRITAIN strand invites a look back to British culture in the 1980s and the modern cinema industry itself.

Time out of Joint – Roland Klick


“Roland Klick is driven by the same manic fire that is recognisable in the dancing eyes of Herzog and Jodorowsky”. Meet him at CFF on the 25 September.

Don Hertzfeldt Animation Programme


Hertzfeldt’s stories and animation style are simultaneously esoteric and full of mass appeal, writes Jon Toomey.

Paradise Trilogy – Ulrich Seidl


According to that other arch-provocateur, Werner Herzog, the films of Ulrich Seidl provide audiences ‘ein Blick in die Hoelle’ – a glimpse into hell.

Volunteer View: Community Cinema

Volunteer View: Community Cinema |

Amanda Randall relates her experiences of running a community cinema, and why preserving the Arts Picturehouse this way could be impossible.