The closing of CAFF, Mwansa The Great and interview with director Rungano Nyoni

Mwanssa cover

The Cambridge African Film Festival drew to a close last week, summing up the extraordinary work pouring out of Africa with a set of shorts from various countries on the continent (see for more information). The last of these was MWANSA THE GREAT – a wonderfully crowd-pleasing adventure into the heart and mind of [...]

Dreams of Elbidi (Ndoto Za Elbidi)


Rosy Hunt attended DREAMS OF ELBIDI, a unique fusion of community theatre and traditional cinema. It offers not only a dramatisation of Kenyan ghetto life, but a way to entertain its African audience while educating them about HIV and AIDS. Also featured: transcript from the Q&A with Kamau wa Ndung’u.

Cute Robots


Jen Williams compares the Pixar hero WALL-E to his predecessors Huey, Dewie and Louie.

The First Cambridge Film Festival


David Perilli in conversation with the original CFF programmer David Jakes.

Simon Rumley Talks to Take One

Simon Rumley talks to TakeOne Magazine | TakeOne | | Photo by Tom Catchesides (

Rosy Hunt spoke to Simon Rumley and Bob Portal about THE LIVING AND THE DEAD and RED, WHITE AND BLUE

A Boatload of Wild Irishmen


Lucy Hughes looks at the work of the charismatic and gregarious documentary pioneer Robert Flaherty