Interview with Jorge Cham: Creator of PhD Comics

Jorge Cham Interview | PhD Comics Movie | Take One

Jorge Cham is the creator of popular webcomic PhD Comics, and one of a few professional webcomic artists. The film version of the strip was recently screened in Cambridge, and Jim Ross got the opportunity to ask him a few questions about the project.

Cigarette Burns Presents: Christmas Evil

Cigarette Burns |

Mihai Kolcsar attended Cigarette Burns’ screening of the Christmas slasher YOU BETTER WATCH OUT, at the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square.

Messy Christmas with Midnight Movies


I start this December evening off by walking along the quiet, cold streets from Hackney Central station towards the welcoming stylised Hollywood Sign lights of the gorgeous new Hackney Picturehouse. Inside, I partake in the necessary beverage drinking to warm my cockles – having a bottle of the new London Fields Brewery Hackney Picturehouse Pale [...]

An evening with Terence Davies


Terence Davies recently attended a live Q&A with a screening of his newest film THE DEEP BLUE SEA at Cambridge Arts Picturehouse. Gavin Midgely reviews.

The British Guide to Showing off


Jack Piercy joined his chums, the Norwich Kitwitches, at Cinema City for a screening of THE BRITISH GUIDE TO SHOWING OFF.

Nordic Giants and Shorts International


The Cinecity event at Playgroup Brighton’s Blind Tiger bar and music venue opened with a looped series of local and international short films, which led up to an AV performance from Brighton band NORDIC GIANTS. Rosy Hunt reviews.

The Mighty Uke


Walking through Norwich to the cinema is not usually a surprising experience, but Saturday’s visit was not a normal trip. A casual glance across the street and a man is carrying a ukelele…Jack Piercy reviews.

Ayamé: Conor Maloney Interview

AYAMÉ is a promising looking independent sci-fi production by Irish film maker Conor Maloney. Jim Ross caught up with him shortly after finishing the full version of a trailer for the project.

Take One tribute to the films of Ken Russell


RIP Henry Kenneth Alfred Russell (3 July 1927 – 27 November 2011). TAKE ONE writers pay tribute to their favourite Russell films.

The ABC’s of Death


The ABC’s OF DEATH features segments directed by 25 of the world’s leading talents including Simon Rumley. Drafthouse Films held a competition to find the 26th director. We spoke to the winner, Lee Hardcastle and caught up with Simon Rumley.

Amit Gupta & Owen Sheers Talk About Resistance

Amit Gupta | Photo © Tom Catchesides |

Toby Miller from Bums on Seats on Cambridge 105 spoke to the director and writer of RESISTANCE, we have the full audio here on Take One!

Ryoo Seung-wan Interview

Ryoo Seung-wan Interview | Take One |

Director Ryoo Seung-wan was in Cambridge as part of the London Korean Film Festival, which was showing a retrospective of his work. He took some time to speak to Take One about his past and future projects.

Twilight to Twilight


It is quite amazing, the level of abuse a man will receive for openly stating that he will be attending a TWILIGHT marathon – or “Twiathlon”. In fact, unless the next words out of your mouth are “I’m writing a review” you might as well leave any male – and quite a few female – friendships behind.

Project Trident: November


The Cambridge Film Festival’s in-house film collective PROJECT TRIDENT have released a new film to promote Movember.

London Korean Film Festival 2011


2010 marked the London Korean Film Festival’s fifth anniversary with their biggest events to date but 2011 sees the start of a new era for the festival where they are striving to bring even more of the best of Korean cinema, past and present, to the UK shores.