Watersprite: The Cambridge International Student Film Festival


This past weekend the Watersprite Film Festival showcased a variety of international student films, as well as hosting an impressive range of workshops, talks and events.

Take One Awards 2011

Take One Awards 2011

Take One’s writers decide upon the best Feature, Documentary, Short and (non-Cambridge) Festival from their experiences on the festival circuit in calendar year 2011.

Framing Pictures at the Northwest Film Forum


Ann Linden attended Framing Pictures, a free monthly event held at the Northwest Film Forum in Seattle, which offers an opportunity to discuss cinema with several of Seattle’s prominent film critics.

Oxford Film Festival 2012


The Oxford Film Festival 2012 is a collaboration of Oxford University and Oxford Brookes. Edd Elliott spoke to student organiser Pascoe Foxell about last year’s success and this year’s promise.

The Dark Crystal: A Retrospective


Jen Williams trips the fantastic nostalgic, on the 30th anniversary of THE DARK CRYSTAL. Book your ticket now for the Duke of York’s Picturehouse screening on Sunday 12th February at 5pm, with Q&A.

Simon Bright Q&A


Director of ROBERT MUGABE…WHAT HAPPENED?, Simon Bright, talks about his life and career with Take One’s Mike Boyd in front of a live audience

Why The Oscars Don’t Really Matter

TakeOneCFF.com | Image by Harry Hunt

Do the Oscars really reflect cinematic quality and the year’s best, or are they a marketing tool of diminishing relevance? Jim Ross discusses the pursuit of the most coveted award in cinema.

The Underwire Festival


Women make up a small proportion of film creatives, and the UnderWire Festival looks to recognise the best short work made by women across a range of film related crafts – Jo Shaw reviewed this year’s festival.

Why David Cameron Is Wrong About UK Film

Why David Cameron Is Wrong About UK Film | Jim Ross | TakeOneCFF.com | Image by Harry Hunt

Jim Ross discusses why David Cameron is wrong to suggest applying free-market economics to UK film and target funding at potential commercial successes in a recent speech.

Q&A with Ralph Fiennes


Legendary British actor Ralph Fiennes attended a special screening of CORIOLANUS at the Cambridge Arts Picturehouse, complimenting the film with an insightful, relaxed and entertaining Q&A.

Puss In Boots


Jim Shanks reviews Dreamworks’ PUSS IN BOOTS. If you enjoy this post, please make a donation to Cambridge Blue Cross Animal Shelter. Just £1 will buy a homeless ginger cat two pairs of tiny boots, and £5 will buy him an épée. It’s a tough world out there.

Interview with Jorge Cham: Creator of PhD Comics

Jorge Cham Interview | PhD Comics Movie | Take One

Jorge Cham is the creator of popular webcomic PhD Comics, and one of a few professional webcomic artists. The film version of the strip was recently screened in Cambridge, and Jim Ross got the opportunity to ask him a few questions about the project.

Cigarette Burns Presents: Christmas Evil

Cigarette Burns | TakeOneCFF.com

Mihai Kolcsar attended Cigarette Burns’ screening of the Christmas slasher YOU BETTER WATCH OUT, at the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square.

Messy Christmas with Midnight Movies


I start this December evening off by walking along the quiet, cold streets from Hackney Central station towards the welcoming stylised Hollywood Sign lights of the gorgeous new Hackney Picturehouse. Inside, I partake in the necessary beverage drinking to warm my cockles – having a bottle of the new London Fields Brewery Hackney Picturehouse Pale [...]

An evening with Terence Davies


Terence Davies recently attended a live Q&A with a screening of his newest film THE DEEP BLUE SEA at Cambridge Arts Picturehouse. Gavin Midgely reviews.