Spring and Port Wine


To anyone who knows it only from their own performance in the schoolroom, SPRING AND PORT WINE sticks in the memory as a ”Peter and Jane” introduction to social deprivation and teen pregnancy.

UK Green Film Festival Preview

UK Green Film Festival | TakeOneCFF.com

Jim Ross previews the UK Green Film Festival (18th-20th May) and speaks to co-founder John Long

Nudity, Profanity, and Xylophones

VHS Variety Special at the Grand Illusion | TakeOneCFF.com

The Grand Illusion Cinema’s exclusive screening of the VHS Variety Specials, footage courtesy of Scarecrow Video: weird, unsettling fun.

Town of Runners


In most areas of rural Ethiopia, there aren’t many opportunities for young women beyond marriage and motherhood. Jerry Rothwell’s documentary, TOWN OF RUNNERS, introduces the farming town of Bekoji: the exception that proves the rule.

Sundance London: Day 1


TAKE ONE’s Mike Boyd is taking in the atmosphere and films at Sundance London, the new UK leg of Robert Redford’s world famous festival

BSFF 2012 Closing Event: Highlights of the British Silent Film Fest

photo7 [640x480]

As the lights of Cambridge rose in the dusk of Sunday evening, the curtains also drew to a close on the 15th British Silent Film Festival. Mike Boyd reports back from a night to remember.

Speak of The Devils


Over forty years since its initial opening, Ken Russell’s towering creation emerges from its enforced purgatory. Edd Elliott takes an in depth look at THE DEVILS.

British Silent Film Festival 2012


The British Silent Film Festival will be celebrating its 15th Anniversary in Cambridge at the Arts Picturehouse with a four-day programme starting on April 19th. Look out for special print copies of TAKE ONE at the Picturehouse and around Cambridge and read full coverage here at takeonecff.com

Shifting ground: an interview with D R Hood

Wreckers by D R Hood | TakeOneCFF.com

David Perilli interviewed DR Hood, who will present her well-received directorial feature debut, WRECKERS, at the Arts Picturehouse on April 24th.

Terracotta Far East Festival 2012


Running from 12th-15th April at the Prince Charles Cinema in London, this year’s line up includes the European Premiere of INSEPARABLE, starring Kevin Spacey and Daniel Wu. Not just Q&As, special guests and European premieres but masterclasses, parties and free food!

Interview with Luc Dardenne


Loreta Gandolfi spoke to Luc Dardenne at the Cambridge Arts Picture House before the screening of his latest film THE KID WITH A BIKE.

The Hunger Games: Defending The Derivative

The Hunger Games | TakeOneCFF.com

A look at the accusations of box-office smash THE HUNGER GAMES being derivative. Whilst it has other small problems, they don’t matter and the end result is a decent film standing on the shoulders of giants, says Jim Ross

Ladislaw Starewicz: A Retrospective


90 years before Švankmajer’s LITTLE OTIK set our teeth on edge, Ladislaw Starewicz took the Victorian love of whimsical taxidermy and puppet theatres, and breathed strange life into them through the new medium of stop motion.

Tommy Wiseau talks to Take One


Mihai Kolcsar caught up with actor/director Tommy Wiseau, the legend behind the THE ROOM.

In Retrospect: Rosemary’s Baby


Mike Boyd puts Polanski’s groundbreaking horror ROSEMARY’S BABY in context.