Beat It


A look at some of the outstanding works of Takeshi Kitano (ZATOICHI, “Takeshi’s Castle”), whose latest film OUTRAGE BEYOND will be released in Japan on 6th October, after premiering at Venice and making its US debut at Toronto in September. Cross fingers for a UK release date this year!

Who’s afraid of the big black bat?


In the two film franchises he has starred in so far, the Batman has been at his most popular, and best, when literally and figuratively shrouded in darkness. Gavin Midgley looks back at the big black bat.

Memento: The Inception Of Nolan

Christopher Nolan |

Ahead of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, Jim Ross takes a look the influence of Christopher Nolan’s MEMENTO – a film that has pervaded his work from INCEPTION to THE DARK KNIGHT

Tony Hawks Interview

Tony Hawks |

Mike Boyd spoke to comedian and actor Tony Hawks about his new film, based on his book, PLAYING THE MOLDOVANS AT TENNIS

Fresh Blood


Undead classics and alternate histories could and should make for some killer summer blockbusters.

Frances Lea Interview: Strawberry Fields

Frances Lea at the London Film Festival in 2011

Jim Ross got the opportunity to interview exciting talent Frances Lea about her career and new feature STRAWBERRY FIELDS

Frostbite: Interview with Stewart Sparke


Set in the 60s on an Arctic research vessel, FROSTBITE is scheduled to enter principal photography in Spring 2013. Jack McCurdy spoke to writer/director Stewart Sparke at Glass Cannon.

Shadows of Liberty: Q&A with Jean-Philippe Tremblay


Amusingly for a documentary about media control, the makers of SHADOWS OF LIBERTY wanted to control when an interview about the film would appear. David Perilli attended the Q&A.

Mission to Lars: Q&A with Kate Spicer


Self-styled “producer come executive producer come lumpen prole fundraiser and self-effacing emo philips monkey in front of the camera gimp” Kate Spicer visited Cambridge Arts Picturehouse recently to talk about her documentary MISSION TO LARS.

Edinburgh International Film Festival 2012


Steve Williams reports back from the 66th Edinburgh film festival, which opened with a wipe-the-floor-with-’em red-carpet opening gala for William Friedkin’s new film KILLER JOE and its assembled firmament of stars.

ITV: In Conversation with Michael Apted


Filmmaker Michael Apted talked about his career with documentary maker Leslie Woodhead at Sheffield Doc/Fest 2012. David Perilli shares the highlights of their discussion on the “7 Up” series and “Tomorrow Never Dies”.

Universal Jaws


‘None of men’s fantasies of evil can compare with the reality of JAWS’. Loreta Gandolfi jumps in at the deep end with JAWS, which has recently been remastered, remixed and brought back to the big screen.

Galway African Film Festival


Mike Boyd reviews the up-and-coming, relatively young Galway African Film Festival, which is quickly finding its place on the periphery of the more established festivals in the UK.

Focus On: Woody Allen


Following on from the recently released documentary, TAKE ONE’s Woody Allen devotee, Ed Frost, takes his own look at Woody’s work and career

The Wonderful Worlds of Powell & Pressburger


Gavin Midgley looks at the works of Powell and Pressburger, from patriotic wartime propaganda via the vivacious Archers Film Productions to that influential post-Pressburger classic, PEEPING TOM.