Mad Max: Blartertown


Wahhh! Get out of our treehouse! Who wants to see a film about dungarees and mooncups?

Beyond Clueless


Charlie Lyne’s Kickstarter funded documentary BEYOND CLUELESS is the inspiration behind this month’s feature theme: TEEN MOVIES



What, who and why female Ghostbusters?

Editors’ Blog: Hacked Off Films

sin city featured correct 2

Edd Elliott discusses Hacked Off Films and the complexity of Immersive Cinema.

Faut souffrir pour être belle


The tl;dr version of this Editor Blog is: we love you and we hope we’re helping you enjoy your voyage of discovery through the festival programme as much as we are.

Editors’ Blog — Sunday, 31st August: Day 4

magic-uke pic

Edd attempts to unravel his biscuit and ukulele problems.

Editor’s Blog — Saturday 30th August: Day 3

jim got pic

Jim rediscovers the small delights — and irritations — of the Cambridge Film Festival.

Editors’ Blog — Friday 29th August: Day 2


Bucket List of the Festival. If you don’t do it you’ll be forcibly removed from the Picturehouse!

Editors’ Blog – Thursday 28th August: Day 1

day 1 pic

The daily dose from the editors. Edd Elliott’s 5 picks for the days ahead.

Germolene for Godzilla


Ten reasons why Rosy loves GODZILLA.

Picturehouses & the Competition Commission

Competition Commission |

The recommendations of the Competition Commission will not achieve what they want and misunderstand the local cinema scene in Cambridge, writes Jim Ross

Editors’ Blog


Jim Ross wonders if a movie about Grumpy Cat is an indicator of rude health for cinema, rather than a sign of depressing decay.

Cineworld-Picturehouse vs. the Competition Commission


Gavin Midgley argues the case for why Cineworld’s buyout of the Picturehouse chain might be a good thing.

When Worlds Collide: Physics in the Movies


Following a public lecture at the University of York, Robert Weatherall shares his notes on the relationship between science fact and science fiction in film.

April Fools


After being called fat by Gallo – “One day I will be thin, but Vincent Gallo will always be the director of The Brown Bunny.” #EbertQuotes